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Zero Food Waste Forum | Just Eat It On October 16th, 2014 (Berkeley, CA)

Save the Date! The Zero Food Waste Forum is being held on World Food Day – October 16, 2014 – in Berkeley, CA.  The hosts – The Northern California Recycling Association, Natural Resources Defense Council, and Food Shift – are organizing a day of food waste fighting films, discussions, meals and more! Activities include: The Bay Area premier of … [Read more...]

Food Expiration Date Labels | By Food Shift & Dana Frasz

Food date labeling can be very inconsistent and misleading, causing unnecessary food waste. To learn more about food date labels, check out this article by Food Shift founder, Dana Frasz To read this food waste article by Food Shift & Dana Frasz see: Food Expiration Date Labels | By Food Shift & Dana Frasz … [Read more...]

Does Your Restaurant Donate Surplus Food, or Toss It? –

The next time you’re in your favorite restaurant, ask your server what they do with excess and surplus food. You might be surprised by the answer — or you might not, if your restaurant is participating in a program called Food Recovery Certified. The program aims to “reward businesses for doing the right thing” by creating a certification program … [Read more...]

When Your Produce Gets Wasted, It’s Really A Cry For Help – author Nathanael Johnson's article on food waste challenges and emerging solutions. When Nick Papadopoulos looked at all the veggies that didn’t sell at the farmers market, he felt terrible. Papadopoulos is general manager of Bloomfield Organics, and he’d seen all the sweat, all the nutrients, all the coaxing and coddling that it … [Read more...]

Elk Grove’s Smart Idea: Using Social Media to Tackle Food Waste & Feed the Hungry –

Elk Grove Mayor Gary Davis calls his city’s Community Exchange “innovative common sense.” Working with CropMobster, the northern California city is in one program fighting hunger, tackling food waste and building its farm-to-fork economy. Using an online platform and community engagement program that is licensed and supported by CropMobster, … [Read more...]

Food Waste Reduction Toolkit Published by Food Waste Reduction Alliance (FWRA)

Food Waste reduction toolkit published by Food Waste Reduction Alliance (FWRA).  An alliance of food manufacturers, retailers and foodservice operators have released a toolkit to help businesses in the food sector reduce the amount of food waste sent to landfill. What if three major industries could come together to reduce the amount of waste … [Read more...]

The Shocking Cost Of Food Waste | Trillions Wasted (

This article on the costs of food waste begins to "peel the onion" on the multiple financial impacts of food waste. The FAO’s second video of their Food Wastage Footprint project explains that in addition to the retail cost of food lost, another $700 billion is wasted in natural resources, including $172 billion in wasted water, $42 billion in … [Read more...]

Food Waste Challenge: US Campaign Targets Why We Trash 133 Billion Pounds of Food a Year

To Elise Golan food waste looks like low-hanging fruit. Her mission as director of sustainable development for the US Department of Agriculture: Start picking. Within the past year, she has helped launch the Food Waste Challenge—a campaign to coax companies, schools, and government agencies to keep more food out of landfills. This Food Waste … [Read more...]

Call for EU Redistribution of Food Waste –

A report from the European Union Committee of the UK parliament's House of Lords calls for the redistribution of wasted food to different sections of society or into the animal feed chain, where appropriate, across the EU. *CONTINUED @ Call for EU Redistribution of Food Waste - … [Read more...]

Supermarket ‘Bogof’ Deals Criticised Over Food Waste (BBC News)

Retail food waste is a major issue. Increasingly supermarkets and retail grocers are in the sights of food waste activists and government policy makers. This article highlights the contributions of "buy one, get one free" to the food waste crisis. Supermarkets have been urged to end "buy one get one free" (Bogof) deals to cut the "morally … [Read more...]

Turning Food Waste Into Energy Could Be A Milestone For The Circular Economy (The Guardian)

One of the consequences of the recession has been to force us to rethink our views on production and consumption. Across governments, businesses and communities, various methods have been adopted to drive through efficiencies and cost savings. In many cases, technology has been the force that has enabled us to make these shifts in our processes and … [Read more...]

PRESS RELEASE: Elk Grove Community Exchange Launches, Powered by CropMobster

Elk Grove, CA (3/31/14)- The City of Elk Grove, CA is taking historic steps to fight hunger, tackle food waste and build its “farm-to-fork” economy as it launches the Elk Grove Community Exchange on Monday, March 31st in collaboration with CropMobster, an innovative social venture based in Sonoma County, CA. In its first 5 days of operation this … [Read more...]